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This tournament has given me the opportunities to development. Thailand athletes complete with foreign make us develop even more. Competition entries should be held every year. -Patcharin CHEAPCHANDEJ
My name is Jessy ROMPIES and I am from Indonesia. First, I would like to thank the Asian Tennis Tour to make this tournament happened. I have enjoyed playing in these two ATT tournament in Hua Hin, Thailand and I like that this tournament is very good for a player to complete with other Asian players and also allowed the player to get the opportunity to collect the prize money which is good to help them in their expenses for touring. I just hope that this tournament can be held in Indonesia as well so Indonesian players can be able to get the opportunity to play and compete because I think not many players knows about Asian Tennis Tour so I think is better to spread the news about this so, more players can play this tournament in the futures. -ROMPIES, Jessy
The Asian Tennis Tour is a big opportunity for Indian players to compete with the best -players of Asian continent .It is a stepping stone on to the ITF tour as you are not only guaranteed good prize money but you also play very competitive matches .In one week you can play 2 tournaments which is a great idea . I have been participating in the ATT matches and am enjoying the healthy atmosphere , players are trying very hard to improve performance every week due to high incentives. This tour will become even more competitive if the ATT points given can be converted into AITA points and players have more incentive to play . I once again congratulate the ATT and ATF on this lovely tour and it is benefiting our own Indian players a lot. -Nitin Kirtane
It's a good tournament for players who are playing the Asian tennis tournament held in Delhi. The players are encouraged as they are playing tough matches and earning a lot of money -Chinmaya Dev CHAUHAN
This is a great intiative by Asian Tennis Federation. It benifits a lot for the local players who are finding it difficult to fund themself with travelling. This is like a platform for them play many matches in the span of 3 days and opportunity for them travel and play!!! -N. Sriram BALAJI
It is a very nice & productive step taken by the ATT. These tournaments are very helpful for the players as one tournament only last for 3 days and in a week. We get play 2 tournaments. The prize money is also very high and players can earn some good money in short period of time. But i believe it can be improved in few areas such as there should be 1 match a day -Ahmed CHOUDHARY (Player)
Asian Tennis Tournament is an excellent initiative. ATT is a brilliant platform for budding players to compete with top notch facilities.I would like to say thanks to ATT and their organization as they have given us an opportunity to compete with greatest talents with best amenities. -Parth Aggarwal
“I would like to thank you, my family and all sponsors and big thank you ATT for great tournament to made me get big prize money in 3 weeks. Hopefully this tournament will be stairway to develop for my future and all next generation for Asian tennis players… and I hope to be back this great tournament again next time.. Thank you very much!!!” -Pruchya ISAROW
It was a very happy two week in Hua Hin. I would like to say thank you to the ATT and their organizations, True Arena Hua Hin for thier professional management. This is the best tournament for the Asian tennis players to develop their potentiality -Jundakate CHOMPOOTHIP
A good concept where upcoming professional players get exposure and support themselves financially -Sowjanya BAVISETTI
A Really good tournament. Good experience for the upcoming players -Lalita Devarakonda
"A good oppurtunity for the women's players in the country to make money, get much need match practice at a time when there is a drought of tournaments in the country. Very well organised and done in timely fashion" -Nithya Raj Baburaj
"A new concept Very useful. Please have more ATT for women in India." -Amrita MUKHERJEE
Congratulations to your team of professionals who conducted the first Asian Tennis Tour in Delhi from 18 - 20 April 2016. It was a very good exposure for one of my young tennis player to play with very good Indian players, He has gained good experience and we would like to encourage him to participate in many of the tours. -Tshering Namgay (From Bhutan)
“Exactly what I needed in my tennis career at this stage. Thank you ATT ” -Siddharth Vishwakarma
“Asian Tennis Tour is an excellent initiative to help tennis players in Asia. It will go a long way to improve level of tennis in Asia and India” -Dinesh Chandra
“A very good tournament and good facilities .It is a very good initiative and it will help Asian players a lot” -Parth Aggarwal
“An amazing opportunity for Asian players. Organisation and tournament is top class! Truly honoured to take part in this event “ -Adil Kalyanpur
“Good management and tournament staff. It is a good platform for all Asian players to showcase their talents” -Kshitij Kamal
“The Asian Tenis Tour is a great initiative organised by the AITA and Asian Tennis Federation. It helps in the two ways, it’s a great opportunity in terms of transition when you make from juniors to men’s and also for other players who want to make extra money which they can use for training and travelling purposes in terms of lack of sponsorships. It swould have been a great initiative, if it would have been 10 years back that could have been much easier for me to make my transition from juniors to men’s but neverless sports is improving right now and I would like to thank Anil Khanna sir for this beautiful initiative at this right moment when the ITF has made the change in the prize money and where there are not going to be anymore $10,000 from next year and it’s a welcome change, where many Asian countries would find it tuff to get sponsors to organize the $15,000 tournament which is minimum in futures events. So, now they can organize the ATT and can benefit their own players.” -Vishnu Vardhan