Registration for an APIN and access to the Online Service


Registration for an APIN and access to the Online Service for the Asian Tennis Tour can only be made online via the link at the bottom of this page.

The online application process is generally quick and easy with instructions appearing onscreen at each stage but it may take up to 48 Hours dependant on ATF New Delhi Office closing dates/times. Any applications received out of normal Mon-Fri office hours (10 am to 5 pm IST) or during periods when the ATF New Delhi office is closed will be dealt with once the office re-opens. Players should also regularly check their 'junk mail' or 'spam mail' folders for automated emails that may have been blocked by their personal email security settings.

The registration for the APIN Membership is completed once the payment is processed. An APIN will then be generated and sent by automated email to the email address used during the registration process. Once received, players can then log into their APIN account and use the Online Service.


The Asian Tennis Tour APIN Membership costs US$ 30. Please also note, the fee is just for the membership of the Online Service and access to all the features provided and must be paid in full. The fee is not dependent on actually playing.

Membership fees will be valid from the date of registration till 31st Dec. of that year.

You can only renew your membership for the next year by logging into your APIN account.

From November of each year players will be able to renew their membership for the following year.
To log into your APIN account please see the link at the bottom of this page. Your APIN will never change and once assigned any attempts to register for a new APIN will be refused.

Membership Length

Your membership of the Asian Tennis Tour online service will be valid from the date of registration or renewal until 31st December of the same year. However, if you register or renew membership during the months of November or December, your membership will be valid for the remainder of the current year and the whole of the following year.

Forgotton Your APIN and/or Password?

Players may ask for their APIN and/or Online Service password to be reissued online by clicking on the “Forgotten your APIN/password?” prompt on the log-in page.

Players will be asked to enter the “Answer” to their “Secret Question” which they set up during their initial registration – if entered correctly a reminder of their APIN and/or new randomly generated password will be sent directly by automated email to their registered email address.

If you require a reminder of your APIN and/or a new password to be sent to a different email address to that presently linked to your APIN account, or if you have forgotten the answer to your secret question, you can submit a request for the details by email.

Please include details of what details you have forgotten, the email address we should be sending to and proof of your ID (such as a copy of your passport).

All requested details will be sent by automated email(s) but requests will only be processed during ATF New Delhi office opening hours.

As a reminder, please check your inbox, junk mail and spam mail folders for any automated emails that may have been sent to you.