Registration for an APIN and access to the Online Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Note:Players are asked to read through the following list of the most frequently asked questions by players prior to contacting the ATF as you may find your question has already been answered. If you find that you still have questions after consulting the information below then please visit the Contact Us section on the website to get in touch.

The minimum age to obtain an APIN is 14 years

Registrations/renewals made during the months of January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September or October will expire on 31 December of the same year.

Registrations/renewals made during the months of November or December will expire on 31 December the following year.

Please also note, the fee is just for the membership of the Online Service and access to all the features provided. The fee is not dependent on actually playing and must be paid in full.
It will be sent by automated email to the email address you supplied during the registration process for the Online Service soon after you have completed the entire registration process, including payment.
The only way to obtain your APIN is via email, which is sent to your registered address. If after requesting your APIN you do not receive any emails from the ATF it is possible that your email account has been set up to filter or delete automated emails from addresses that it does not recognise. Please check your junk mail and deleted mail folders.
Players registered for an APIN Membership can alter their personal email address whenever they wish by logging onto the APIN website and providing new information. This is essential to ensure that you continue to receive important emails from the APIN system.
Players will gain access to the Online Service once they pay their annual APIN Membership fee. The registration fee for Asian Tennis Tour APIN Membership is US$30

Players will get access to the Online Service once they pay for the APIN Membership fee, which should be paid online. Any problems please select the "Credit Card Problems" link when on the payment screen for further payment options.

Credit card payment will be made online using a secure internet payment service provider. The payment process is the final stage of the registration for an APIN Membership.

Please note that cheques and bank transfers are not accepted.

Players who forget their APIN and/or password after registering for an APIN Membership must first check their email inbox and find the emails that got sent to them when they first registered as they contain all the relevant details.

Players that have lost these emails or deleted them by accident may ask for their APIN and/or password to be reissued online by clicking on the “Forgotten your IPIN/Password?” link on the log-in page. Players will be asked to enter some security details, and if entered correctly their APIN and new password will be sent directly to their registered email address.

If neither of these options work please contact the ATF New Delhi office by telephone or email and provide the “Answer” to the “Secret Question” set up during the APIN Membership registration process. On receipt of the correct “Answer”, an email containing a new password and APIN will be sent to that player’s personal email address.

Players are then permitted to alter their password to a personal choice when they next log in to their APIN account. You can also have your APIN re-sent or a new password sent by emailing a photo ID (such as a passport) to the relevant department, please include details of the email address you wish to be contacted on. All emails will be sent as automated emails so you will need to keep checking your inbox and junk mail folders.

If neither of these options work please contact the ATF New Delhi office by telephone or email and provide the “Answer” to the “Secret Question” set up during the APIN Membership registration process. to If neither of these options work write to apin@asiantennistour.com and provide the “Answer” to the “Secret Question” set up during the APIN Membership registration process.

The Online Service will be ready to use straight after a player successfully registers for an APIN Membership. An automated confirmation email will be sent to you.
If you are having problems entering or withdrawing, you must contact the ATT office - vide entries@asiantennistour.com or call on +91 11 26176256 immediately before the relevant deadline so that we can assist you further. In the Players Main Head - The matter of “Rankings Explained” needs to be added
If you have selected the wrong APIN when completing the registration process then please contact the relevant department through the contact us option when logged onto the Online Service who will be able to advise you.
This is known to only happen when logged in with any device other than a PC (such as an iPad, etc). The Online Service is not yet fully compatible with non-PC devices and as a result problems experienced can include the omission of scroll bars on lists of tournaments. Please log in again using a PC or submit an entry/withdrawal by fax using the appropriate ATF form.